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Mobile Home Wholesale Mortgage Lenders and/or Mobile Home Correspondent Mortgage Lenders


Finding Wholesale Mortgage Lenders and/or Correspondent Mortgage Lenders that originate mortgage loans for Mobile Homes is quick and easy with Mortgage Element's Periodic Table. The Mortgage Periodic Table can be accessed from any computer, iPad or Smartphone and is compatible with touch screen technology. With just a few mouse clicks you can create a list of Wholesale and Correspondent Mortgage Lenders with a Mobile Home Loan Program.

Mortgage-Symbol-Mobile-HomesSimply click on the symbol for Mobile Home Mortgages, choose a State from the drop down box, and click GO. Mortgage Elements will search its database of over 300 Wholesale and Correspondent Mortgage Lenders that offer a Mobile Home Mortgage Program in that state and display the results as a list.

Once a list or directory of Wholesale / Correspondent Lenders is generated for Mobile Home Loans, you can then filter the results by using the 3 radio buttons at the top of the Lender List and toggle back and forth between the lists and the various Lenders' websites to research and compare product information.

  • List both Wholesale and Correspondent Lenders that offer Mobile Home Loans - This is the default display and is a combination of both Wholesale and Correspondent Lenders.
  • List only Wholesale Mortgage Lenders that offer Mobile Home Loans - click on the radio button for "Wholesale Lenders" and the system will filter and delete Correspondent Lenders from the list.
  • List only Correspondent Mortgage Lenders that offer Mobile Home Loans - click on the radio button for "Correspondent Lenders" and the system will filter and delete Wholesale Lenders from the list.
  • This is a good place to start if you are trying to contact a Wholesale Account Executive or Correspondent Account Executive to ask specific questions about loan scenarios, underwriting details, document requirements, or closing procedures.
  • Mini-Corr Mortgage Lenders - The system does not have the functionality to display a list of Mini-Corr Mortgage Lenders. However, most Third Party Originators (TPO) that simultaneously operate both a Wholesale and Correspondent lending division will typically offer a Mini-Corr Mobile Home program.


Additional Information on Mobile Home Mortgage Programs from Wholesale and Correspondent Lenders


Once a list of Wholesale Mortgage Lenders or a list of Correspondent Mortgage Lenders has been generated, additional information is only a click away.

  • Clicking on a lender's name will link you to their website. Once in the lender's website, you can navigate inside their website to find additional information about their Mobile Home Loan program and other Wholesale / Correspondent Mortgage programs they offer. Additional information can usually be found such as underwriting guidelines, underwriting overlays, product matrixes, forms, contact information, and current mortgage rates.
  • The icon to the left of the lender's name contains additional information about the company, their Mobile Home Loan Program, and other loan programs.
  • The message to the right of the lender's name may contain highlights about their Mobile Home loan program and/or contact information (phone numbers and email addresses) for the Account Executive, Manager, or company.
  • Additional links may be in the message that has information about Loans for Mobile Homes.
  • If an email address is present, simply click or tap the email address and you can send an email to the individual listed in the message.
  • If a phone number is present in the message and you are viewing the list from a Smartphone, simply touch the phone number and you will be connected to that phone number.

The websites of different Wholesale and Correspondent Mortgage Lenders vary a great deal in the information that is available to the Mortgage Professional. Some lenders limit the information requiring the user to log in with a username and password. Other lenders make a great deal of information (including current Wholesale Mortgage Rates) visible without login.


An Indispensable Tool for All Mortgage Professionals


The Mortgage Elements website and the Mortgage Periodic Table is an indispensable tool for every Mortgage Professional - Mortgage Broker, Mortgage Banker, Loan Officer, Underwriter, Processor - seeking information about Mobile Home Mortgages and the different Wholesale and Correspondent Lenders that offer them.


Database of over 300 Wholesale and Correspondent Mortgage Lenders


The Mortgage Elements website and database currently contains over 300 Wholesale and Correspondent Mortgage Lenders. It's free for all Mortgage Professionals to use and free for all Wholesale and Correspondent Lenders to be listed. The Mortgage Elements website is intended for use by Mortgage and Real Estate Professionals only and not for use by Consumers.